Fitness Lanzarote, your new gym in Arrecife, an unsurpassable installation where you can work out your body and take care of your mind!

We have created for you a new gym in Lanzarote, a modern, elegant and bright space with a range of latest and new machinery where you can work out and get in shape with your personal trainer. Fitness Lanzarote is in Arrecife on Calle Gongora, ask for a free appointment and come and visit us, we will be happy to assist you on any requests and objectives.

Discover our courses, training classes and activities of Fitness Lanzarote.

We are pleased to offer you a series of courses and several types of workouts so that you can focus on yourself with the utmost tranquillity and privacy.


Why is it beneficial to choose a gym with personal trainer?

With Fitness Lanzarote you have a personal trainer at your disposal at any time.


Our courses and workouts are personalized for you.

We offer a wide range of courses, classes and professional exercises to improve your life with personalized workouts.


Discover our types of workouts and activities.

With Fitness Lanzarote you have a personal trainer at your disposal at any time.

Get stronger and get fit in your daily life with your personal trainer at Fitness Lanzarote, your new gym in Arrecife.

Feeling good with your physical constitution, start your day in shape and happy. Somatic complaints, pain and low self-esteem increasingly affect the quality of lifestyle. A few extra kilos, flabby muscles, unhealthy habits, many people suffer it. In Fitness Lanzarote we help you to shape your body according to your objects and advise you on your goals.

Work outs and healthy lifestyle keeps the body and mind in harmony. As a result, your body benefits from better health and well-being. If you enjoy sporting success, released endorphins have a positive effect on your self-esteem and mood. At Fitness Lanzarote we respect your individual needs while you work out and achieve your goals.

We are at Calle Gongora 41 in Arrecife, come and visit us.

Fitness Lanzarote

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For any information about our courses, classes and prices, please contact us through the contact form or by calling us at number 928 022 863. You are also welcomed to come and visit us at Calle Gongora 41 in Arrecife. We will be happy to receive you.